Youths clash in Kisumu over ‘Raila 10 year presidency’

, KISUMU, Kenya, Jul 27 – A demonstration to advocate for ODM presidential candidate Raila Odinga’s two terms in office if he wins next month’s election was marred by chaos.

One of the organisers who failed to introduce himself told Capital FM News that ODM head office was aware of the demonstration to pitch 10 years for Odinga.

A group of youths donning T-Shirts inscribed “Raila 10 Years” were set to start demonstrating along Oginga Odinga Street when they were confronted by ODM youths.

The youths had to scamper for safety leaving a carton of ODM materials including caps, banners and other campaign materials behind.

Kisumu Central ODM Chairman Seth Ochieng who led the group that scuttled the demonstration says as ODM they were not aware of the demonstration.

Ochieng termed the move as scheme to create disunity among the NASA principals ahead of the coming polls.

He says Odinga has reached a pact with the principals that if he wins next month’s presidency then he will only serve for one term.

“As ODM we are all aware that Raila signed an MoU with the principals that he is going for presidency for five years. We know this is a scheme by our opponents to scuttle our unity in NASA,” he said.

The campaign materials were later set on fire by the ODM youths who promised to be vigilant on such schemes.

Kisumu Deputy Governor Ruth Odinga who visited the scene condemned those behind the demonstration.

Odinga says the scheme is to suppress votes for Odinga in areas where other principals hail from.

“I applauded the people of Kisumu who came out to scuttle this process, this is the kind of guarding our votes,” she says.

Other ODM leaders in Kisumu that included Senator Anyang Nyong’o, nominated MP Oburu Odinga, Nyando MP Fred Outa and Nyakach MP Aduma Owuor condemned the incident.

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