Trump starts ICE Deportations on Sunday fearing he might lose Election

Next year’s election may go south for Trump as he may lose the chance to start his mass deportation policy

ICE Immigration

President Donald Trump told Americans today that he will begin his mass deportation starting this coming Sunday midnight. Immigration Lawyers have cautioned their clients to follow a few rules when ICE officers knock their doors to effect the order from the President.

In Minneapolis, Minnesota ,a Law firm co-owned by a renown Lawyer Henry Ongeri and Mr. Antolak have cautioned the Immigrants nationwide to follow a few steps.

Here are nine steps for what to do in case of a raid.

– Get in touch with a community or advocacy group right now.

– Create an emergency plan for taking care of children, the elderly or other people who depend on your care

Memorize the phone number of two trusted people.

– If ICE comes to your home, do not open the door.

– Remain silent.

Do not sign any papers without your attorney

Document the raid.

– Know that you can fight your case.


– Report the raid: Make sure you report the raid. You can call the Antolak & Ongeri Law Firm at 952.222.3873 or let us know what happened here.

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