Do we have a healthy work and life balance?

Tired Woman
Tired Woman
By Sheillah Maonga 
Lifestyle Writer, KDRTV.
-Work work when does it ever end?
I was planning an event where a few friends would come together and go out to spend a day out and about in nature. It would be a day of just being. A day of sampling nature as an end to itself.  A day of enjoying being in the company of friends.
 I had thought the idea would be well received.  I was wrong. All the friends had other prior engagements and none could have the time to partake in this activity.  The bulk of their excuse was work commitments.
 It did make me pause to ponder.
Do we prioritise work over everything else in our lives?
Has work taken custody of our time such that we have none left to spend on ourselves?
Do we have a healthy work and life balance?
Or have we become slaves to work?
When we look at our day,  is it work heavy? Is the highlight of the day having gone to work? Are we living to work or are we working to live?
Do we have time to spend with loved ones at all?  Or is all the time hogged by and reserved for work?
When is the last time you did something for you that was not work related?
Do you have moments in the day when you do things for you, where you are the priority and not work?
Someone wise once said that ‘life ends, work doesn’t.’
 Hypothetically, if your life was to end today (and it is a possibility. Life does end without warning, sadly.), do you know that most likely your work place will continue to go on as normal?
Do you know you may most likely be replaced before your body is even cold in the ground?
Do you know that you will not get a medal for dedicating your whole life to work and nothing else?
They say that no one in their deathbed looks back wistfully and wishes they had worked more. If anything, many wish that they should have reduced the work commitments and focused more on doing things for themselves. Things like spending time in the company of loved ones. Things like taking time off work to read a book or to travel or to exercise or to just sleep.
When we allow work to take over our lives, it eats into the core of everything that we hold dear. It undermines relationships with family and friends because we give work all our time and energy and neglect loved ones.
Too much work may impact negatively on  your health.  It eats into your time that you should have been doing you.  For workaholics, they have no time to sleep, to eat, to rest, to think, to play, to exercise, to pursue hobbies nor to just be. Healthwise, to skip all this mentioned above makes one a ticking time bomb. Work can take so much from you and then comes for more.
So, am I saying we should not work? No.
We need to work to live.  So, working is here to stay.
What I’m saying is that we should not live to work. Work should not be our primary role in life.  Balance is needed. That even as we work, we are still able to keep other facets of our lives up and running.
So, purpose to create time for yourself. This time use it to take care of you. Be it by doing things with loved ones or spending time on your own doing personal reflection.  Or spending time just being. Enjoying the present moment. We need to aim for this.
Life is so short and it goes so fast that if you are busy immersed in work,  by the time you come up for air, you may find that it is gone. Prioritise life sometimes; not work. Live a little.

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