Woman’s frantic search for sister who was killed with Msando

The family of the woman whose body was found alongside that of elections technology manager Chris Msando on Tuesday narrated the events leading to her death, saying they would never have expected such a thing to happen to their daughter.

Carol Ngumbu, 21, had just completed her studies at the Kenya Medical Training College’s Karen campus two weeks ago and was hoping to graduate with a diploma in nutrition in December, according to her mother, Ms Alice Nduruka. 

“My child was a very peaceful and calm person. This news has taken us by surprise and shock. I never expected such a thing to happen to my daughter.

When she told me on Friday that she was going out, I did not expect to receive this terrible news,” she said at the family home in Gachie in Kiambu.

The Nation on Tuesday visited the home, just a few kilometres from Nairobi and found the inconsolable mother in the company of neighbours and friends who had thronged the home on receiving news of Ms Ngumbu’s death.


Ms Ngumbu’s sister Jedida Wanjiku sat under an avocado tree, brokenhearted and despondent.

She broke into a long fit of weeping as she narrated her last encounter with her sister, to whom she said she was very close.

SISTER Woman's frantic search for sister who was killed with Msando

Ms Jedida Wanjiku, at the family home in Gachie, Kiambu County, on August 1, 2017. Her sister Carol Ngumbu was killed together with elections ICT boss Chris Msando. PHOTO | JEFF ANGOTE | NATION MEDIA GROUP

She described her sister as one full or life, who liked to have fun with friends, was always happy and loved going to church.

“We were together during the day on Friday and had lunch in town. I then left to go and pick up some materials for my business and I later went to attend a function elsewhere.

Carol called me at around 7pm and informed me that she was going out for drinks with Chris. She asked me to join them, saying they were not going to be out for a long time, but I declined, since I had to go back to see my young daughter who was not feeling well that day,” she said.

She added that her sister had mentioned to her that Mr Msando had promised to find her a job, having been friends since the year started.


Ms Wanjiku said she last spoke to her sister on Friday at about 7pm, but she did not realise her sister was missing or dead until Monday afternoon, when she learnt through the TV that Mr Msando had been found dead together with an unidentified woman.

She immediately suspected her sister could be the unidentified woman and frantically tried to reach her on phone, which was switched off.

“A friend of hers called from Coast and told me he had gifts for her, but couldn’t reach her on her cellphone. So I called her, but the phone was off. 

I called again and again and texted repeatedly to no avail. But when I saw the news that Chris was dead, I suspected she could be dead as well,” she said, adding that she immediately decided to head to the mortuary, accompanied by two friends.


While her companions entered the mortuary to see if they could identify her body, she waited outside in a fit of panic and nervous apprehension.

“I heard one of my friends scream from inside and I knew my sister was dead,” she said, bursting into tears.

“When I left for the mortuary, I did not tell my parents where I was going, because I did not know how to frame my suspicions. But when we got back home, we found a crowd had gathered in our compound. The news had already spread,’ said Ms Wanjiku.

She said her father  had gone to the mortuary earlier on Tuesday to arrange for the body’s transfer to a mortuary nearer home.

Ms Ngumbu’s body was discovered on Saturday, a few metres from where the body of Mr Msando lay at Muguga Forest in Kikuyu Sub-County.


She was found naked, save for her underwear, but witnesses said she had no visible physical injuries.

On Tuesday, her family was at a loss because of the pain of losing their loved one, and at the same time bewildered at finding themselves at the centre of  such a high profile murder mystery, which has rallied the whole country into demands for justice and answers.

“We don’t know what to do or who will get involved. Will there be people coming to talk to us like you have done? And what will we tell them?” asked Ms Wanjiku.

While the Inspector General of police Joseph Boinnet has vowed to bring the killers of Mr Msando to book while promising protection for all IEBC staff, no such protection measures have been accorded to Ms Ngumbu’s family.

Family identifies her as Carol Ngumbu, a KMTC graduand.

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