Woman disowns son after he killed father to protect her

A man who killed his father in a domestic row has been jailed for 10 years.

Douglas Mogesi was handed the sentence by the High Court in Kisii after his mother said he deserved to be punished because of his uncontrollable anger.


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Mogesi had admitted in court that he killed his father to defend his mother, hoping that he would be placed on probation.

But his mother told High Court Judge Wilfrida Okwany that her son was better off in jail because he has uncontrollable anger. She said there was no guarantee his behaviour would change if put on probation.

In the case, the judge heard that on June 25, 2016, Mogesi’s father, Samuel Gekonge, got into a fight with his wife after they disagreed.

Mogesi is said to have joined the fray and hit his father with a wooden plank.

His brothers heard the commotion and tried to plead with him to stop but in vain.

Justice Okwany heard that the accused was unable to calm down and unleashed terror on his father, slashing him on the head and on the legs.

After considering a probation report which was filed in court on July 25 this year, the judge handed him 10 years in jail.

She observed that the report painted a picture of a man who the society would not live with. “This case is a classic demonstration of total breakdown in societal and family values.”


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