Wily State operatives milking cash in employment scams

Some state parastatals have formed a multi agency approach to hound  youngsters looking for employment.

 A bunch of 30 job seekers were recently shocked when they were coerced into paying a Sh100,000 bribe each so as to secure some jobs.

Grapevine  has been told that besides paying the bribe which was paid in phases, they were also directed to a government hospital in Nairobi where they were to pay a non refundable fee of Sh2,000 for check up.

Those who thought it was too high were advised to kiss their jobs goodbye. The most interesting aspect is that after one paid a deposit of Sh 20,000 they were called for an interview where they were issued with a photocopy of a calling letter.

 The original appointment letter was handed over upon payment of all the arrears. This demonstrates how corruption is about to become an enterprise with its own policy framework involving like-minded stakeholders.


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