Willy Paul didn’t coin Sheng phrase, says rapper VBO

Willy Paul has been accused of taking credit for the famous sheng suffix ‘-ree’ by VBO Micharazo, formerly of the popular group The Bugz, with Bobby Mapesa. They are known for hits songs including Kamoja Tu, Naskia Utam and Ndethe.

Well, Willy Paul started using the word a while back in his music videos and was even blasted for also including God’s name to the mix singing, Munguree.

Micharazo went ahead to blast Willy Paul, saying, “Willy Paul uko sure hiyo sheng unatumia kwa ngoma zako ni yako vile unachocha watu? I’m sure hujui inaitwa aje. Buda! Mpaka artiste wa gospel ana swaggajack na hawezi big-up originators. Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God. Na respect young artistes but this one. Nah! T***a Willy Paul.”

Speaking exclusively to Word Is, Micharazo said he had been informed that Pozzee has been claiming he created the slang word. He made it clear that the word is a slang that many people in Eastlands use and they used it way back in 2009, so he doesn’t understand why Willy would take credit for it.

He said, “That boy is using the ‘ree’ sheng in a way it shouldn’t be used, and then he says the sheng word is his, not knowing where it came from or how it was invented. This sheng started way back when we released ‘Wezere’, and I don’t think Willy Paul was even around. It’s a sheng we use at home, places like Kayole, Umoja, basically in Eastlands.”

When asked if he had contacted Willy Paul, he said, “I’ve never talked to him about this issue. I didn’t even know he was claiming he invented the word. People just came to me saying he claims he invented the word. He’s saying in almost all interviews he’s going to that he came up with that style and swag.”

He was also very pissed with the way Willy also used the phrase/word in reference to God’s name.

“First of all there’s nothing like Munguree. This is God and there are names you can’t play with. Saying Munguree or Jehovaree is very disrespectful. You are basically joking with a name that shouldn’t be joked with. So with such kinda rules, he doesn’t know. He’s just using the word anyhow,” he concluded.

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