WHY Raila Should Henceforth STOP Giving One On One TV Interview

Personally, I think Jakom has had more than enough one on one media interviews; I don’t think we need more of those.

Let’s not over play ourselves unnecessarily by granting media interviews to every Tom, Dick, and Harry simply because they have a TV camera. I am among those who believe that media interviews should only be given if it’s absolutely necessary. You See Even DP Ruto only appears on TV when its absolutely necessary and ofcourse only on Citizen TV mainly because of his long historical close working relationship with RMS’s Operations Manager Ms Farida Karoney

Uhuru Kenyatta and Jubilee purposely and deliberately had IEBC interfere with an election they were loosing, thereby robbing Kenyans the opportunity to have leaders of their choice.

In most countries, the crimes committed by IEBC upon the urging of Jubilee are considered treason, punishable by Death. Anyone, who willfully interfere with the sovereign will of the people to elect their leaders, thereby bringing the nation on brink of war must not be treated with kids gloves. Such people deserve public execution.

The fraud that was perpetrated on Kenyans in the form of “Uhuru’s” election was nullified by the SCOK, who ordered an election within 60 days.

All Kenyans know the reasons why the results of the sham elections was invalidated. The SCOK was clear in their Verdict that IEBC willfully, deliberately, and blatantly bungled the 2017 Presidential Elections; and we also know they did that to benefit Uhuru Kenyatta.

At the minimum, IEBC must institute reforms before any elections are held. There should be no discussion about that and Jubilee sending media houses to try and play the “statesman” card on Mr. Odinga should be resisted at all costs.

Uhuru kenyatta is currently contemplating the formation of a commission of inquiry to investigate DCJ and Justice Leneola on basis of rumors and innuendos from Jubilee bloggers. Jubilee is claiming that under the specials commissions act, Uhuru has such powers.

Uhuru will be doing this to push out those Justices that ruled to invalidate the illegality that was his election. Such actions are in violation of the Kenyan constitution as Uhuru has no such powers during Temporary incumbency.

NASA and Raila Odinga must maintain the pressure to ensure those reforms in the IEBC are done. He must continue along the lines of his last press conference that exposed Uhuru Kenyatta for who he is- a Desperate Bloodied and outfoxed dictator who will stop at nothing to maintain power so that him and his family can continue to steal from Kenyans.

Uhuru kenyatta only understands hard tackles and that is what NASA and Raila Odinga must Give Them.

Raila won on 8/8/17 and we will not accept Uhuru to steal the presidency using backdoor; NEVER.

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Raila Should STOP Giving One on One TV Interviews, Kenyans Should Reject Uhuru Clinging Onto Presidency via Backdoor