WHY Kisii People Are Defending Supreme Court Of Kenya President CJ David Kenani Maraga

By Silas G N via FB
As Kisiis we have been defending attacks against CJ Maraga (I, being one of them). Today Luhya MPs are defending Chiloba.

That tells you something about the country. Now. There is something we can learn about Kenya from this defense of “mtu wetu”. Top leadership positions in the country are so badly distributed, that when one of your own rises to head even a nondescript Fisheries Ministry, it is a big deal and you want to protect them, not because, they pay you, or their job in anyway benefits you. But if Maraga becomes one of the most powerful people in the country, he holds the aspirations of a community. I can tell my nephew that if you work hard at school, you can be anything you want to be.

Obama being a president of the US, opened a way for more black children to aim higher. Before Obama, there were other black mayors in Chicago, who paved the way for him.

But in Kenya, we defend both the good and the bad. Even Dr Okengo Matiangi commands lots of respect in Kisii, despite his political affiliation, especially among the elderly, because they know, raising a son to be a minister from a minority community like the Kisii is not easy. Kisii has had countable cabinet ministers since 1963. Nyamweya, Nyachae, Ongeri, Obure, Onyonka, Obwocha, Protus and now Matiangi…

In short, what we need is the distribution of the seats so that every community can have someone they look at at the national level. This might sound trivial, but when you see your son or daughter on top there, it is a great deal.

Only that we must raise the standards so that we don’t even defend cretins.

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