Why Kenyatta’s doctor left wife out of his will

Kenya’s first President Jomo Kenyatta

Kenya’s first President Jomo Kenyatta’s personal physician, Njoroge Mungai, left nothing for his wife Lilian Njeri Mungai to inherit.

Three years after the death of one of the power brokers in Kenyatta’s government, The Standard can reveal that he wished, upon his death, that the mother of his six children would not share in the multi-billion-shilling estate up for grabs.

Njoroge pegged his wishes to the divorce with Njeri, noting that he had given her enough when they legally parted ways.

“I declare that my ex-wife, Njeri Mungai from whom am divorced shall not possess or occupy any of my properties or facilities or receive any part of my residuary estate as I am of the belief that she has already been adequately provided for in the divorce settlement,” Njoroge wrote in his five-page will filed in the High Court.

Safe hands

Dr Njoroge, also a cousin to Mzee Kenyatta, opted to leave his estate in the hands of his two daughters; Gathoni Kabuki Mungai and Nyakio Wanjiku Mungai who were to divide it among their siblings.


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To his daughter Nyakio, Dr Njoroge left 21 per cent of his wealth and also bequeathed her a property in Nairobi as a token of love to her. He also gave Gathoni 21 per cent of his worth.

His other daughters, Florence Mungai and Njambi Mungai — also known as Janice Ruth Lester, and his son Segani Njoroge each got 12 per cent while one other daughter — Solia Mungai received 22 per cent of her father’s estate. Dr Njoroge died in 2014 aged 88. He lived a quiet life, away from the glare of cameras and as such, little is known of how much he was worth.

His children, in their case seeking letters of administration, wanted that quiet about their homestead to remain the same. They asked the court to allow them not to list his property saying they did not want profile-raising.

“We believe listing of assets will expose the family to undue publicity that could expose them to unscrupulous persons wishing to cause us harm,” an affidavit signed by Gathoni on behalf of her other siblings read.

Companies owned

However, a case filed by their mother — back in 1995 — reveals that the family owned Magana Ltd, Muni Limited and the renown Magana flower farm.

Njeri filed the case seeking her share as a director in Magana Ltd after her love life with the Stanford medical graduate hit the rocks.


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The two were the only directors and she wanted the companies to be wound up. The court allotted her one share and granted her husband 399 shares.

Back to the will, Njoroge wanted his descendants to invest from his estate and said any business he was carrying out during his lifetime ought to be continued if his children thought it was beneficial.

In addition to proper management of his estate, Njoroge also directed his children to keep a reserve for a rainy day and wanted his grandchildren taken care of by the trust.

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