Why Kenyans Are Angry At Uhuru Kenyatta After Polling 29% Support Across The Republic


By – Ngugi Wa Wamuyu

You campaign all over the country using like five teams to increase coverage,

You incite voters to vote using slogans like Kumira Kumira, Thuraku Thuraku, Wembe ni ule ule, Watu ni wale wale.

You sign hurriedly sign electoral ammendments into law,

You purchase Munya, Isaac Ruto, Hassan Omar and many other August looser from NASA.

You hold countless Statehouse delegations to woo tribes, leaders, organisations and groups to support you,

You vie against yourself ,

You provide free transport to your stronghold voters from Nairobi.

You physically carry elderly voters to vote.

But still voter turn out could only be around 30%

Ama you only vote when Kimundu Raila is on the ballot?

Well,Am just a Kenyan whose public funds were wasted!!

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