Why IEBC Must Cancel 26th October Elections Immediately.

By Jactone Ambulance,  Washington DC, USA.

Why IEBC Must Cancel Election Immediately.

1. It is now abundantly clear election as envisioned for October 26 is not feasible. It can’t happen. Kindly indulge me before you castigate me.

2. IEBC staff in four counties of Siaya, Migori, Kisumu and Homabay are fearing for their lives and lives and properties. They want a transfer outside of Nyanza without which they will quit. In fact, Cornel Rasanga was crystal clear election won’t happen in Siaya.

3. Subsequently, IEBC officials particularly those from other communities will absolutely turn down assignment in Nyanza. Besides, it will be impossible for such IEBC officials to be accorded cooperation in their line of duty by the locals.

4. Mama Ngina grounds in Mombasa was yesterday christened Mama Ida grounds honoring Raila Odinga’s wife.

5. In Kakamega county, former senator Dr Bonny Khalwale and the incumbent Cleophas Malala have dared Jubilee and IEBC “real men” to take IEBC equipment and officials in their county.

6. In Ukambani, former Machakos senator Mr Johnston Muthama has categorically stated without blinking eyelids that he will ensure election doesn’t happen in his backyard.

7. Secession debate is raging with boundaries marked and two distinct maps already illustrated indicating geographical locations of the so called The Central Republic of Kenya versus The People’s Republic of Kenya.

8. In places like Kibera, Mathare, Kawangware, and other NASA strongholds in Nairobi County and across the countrt it will be near impossible to conduct an election that meets constitutional threshold.

9. Moreover, tribal emotions are skyhigh with tribal venom being spewed between Kenyans from different tribes.

10. These are just a few examples that are a stumbling block to conducting a free, fair, and credible poll.

11. The reasonable thing to do is for Uhuru to call Raila so that both men can sit down and perhaps suggest a committee that can be instituted to reform IEBC. Thereafter, a new date within 90 days can be set to conduct agreeable election that will glue Kenya together. Otherwise amarggedon is coming.

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