Who will be affected by salary pay cuts as lawmakers split over decision?

NAIROBI, KENYA: Lawmakers have welcomed with reservations proposals to reduce their salaries after the August polls.

This comes at a time when salary surveys indicate Kenyan MPs are among the highest paid in the world.
The proposals to reduce pay and allowances were made by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission in a brief report to President Uhuru Kenyatta.

In Africa, Kenya ranks below Nigeria in taking home fat salaries that have on many occasions not sat down well with majority of Kenyans.

Those likely to be affected by the move include MPS, senator’s, MCAs, Governors, the President, constitutional office holders, among other cadres of jobs in the public service.

MCAs will be the most affected by the proposed job cuts by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission.
This is because they earn majority of the allowances which are destined to be scrapped off following a report by Delloite that was commissioned by SRC in 2014.

MCAs and SRC signed a deal in 2013, where MCAs will get a gross salary of Sh79,200 and facilitation perks that has taken into account constrains they face in discharging their duties.


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The commission announced that mileage, sitting allowances, special assembly duty allowance, car loan and mortgage was part of the facilitation perks they agreed on.

The mileage allowance was increased from Sh20, 000 to Sh39,528.

All MCAs are usually considered for the mileage allowance of Sh39, 528.

Computed, Sh109.8 is the mileage allowance rate for vehicles rating 2000cc to 3000cc as this takes cognizance of the 52 weeks in a calendar year and caters for fuel and car maintenance.

The MCAs’ whose area of representation is beyond the 45km return journey, are allowed to claim an extra mileage at application AA rates.

Further, the MCAs are entitled to a car loan of a maximum of Sh2 million at three percent interest, payable within a five-year period in office or before end of term.
The sitting allowance for MCAs who serve in committees is as follows; chairmen Sh6,500 per sitting up from Sh5000 per day’s sitting and a maximum of eight sittings per committee in a week.
When added, MCA’s take home more than Sh 200,000.

The President earns Sh1.75 million while his deputy earns Sh 1.488 million monthly in basic pay.


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The 349 Kenyan MPs in the National Assembly earn a basic salary of about Ksh740, 000 each.
When allowances are added, their pay easily rise to above 1 million per month.
While the 67colleagues in the senate earn Sh740,000 each. If allowances are added, they take home well over Sh 1 million per month.
The 47 governors earn Sh 1.11 million in basic pay.
Cabinet secretaries earn Sh 1.12 million each every month.

The speaker of the National Assembly earns Sh1.4 million while his senate counterpart earns Sh 1.375 million basic pay each month.

The deputy speakers of the two houses of parliament earn Sh 1.1 million each monthly in basic pay.
Head of the judiciary, Chief justice David Maraga earns Sh 1.38 million.

However, lawmakers are split on whether the salaries should be reduced.

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s announcement during his State of the Nation caught MPs by surprise with majority opting not to comment on the matter while other argued that it should be implemented at the next general elections.

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