Which Mungiki? Moses Kuria asks Nasa

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has denied claims that he had planned to disrupt National Super Alliance’s anti-IEBC demos.

The demos were staged on Tuesday to to force out electoral commission officials the opposition has accused of bungling August 8 presidential election.


Nasa MPs, led by Orange Democratic Movement chairman John Mbadi, claimed Mr Kuria was planning to use Mungiki, a proscribed group with roots in central Kenya, to cause chaos.

The lawmaker, they claimed, organised meetings with Mungiki youths in Kiambu and Kikuyu towns to plan how to cause violence during the demonstrations and blame it on Nasa.

But Mr Kuria dismissed the claim, saying it was part of a Nasa scheme a to destabilise the country through violence.

“This is a well-trodden path by the opposition. There is nothing new in their claim because they are setting up the script for Kenya to go back to the ICC as was the case in 2007 in the hope it will get them to power,” he told reporters at Parliament Buildings in Nairobi.


He said the time Nasa claims he was meeting Mungiki in Kiambu and Kikuyu, he was busy with his Mbele Iko Sawa campaign in Nakuru town.

“I am surprised they are suggesting that I am omnipresent. There is no way I could be in Nakuru, Kiambu and even Kikuyu allegedly meeting Mungiki,” he said.

He said the claims by Nasa were well-orchestrated scheme that is anchored on profiling as Mungiki any person who disagrees with them.

“I have never been associated with Mungiki and let me tell those who are heaping it on me that it will not wash,” he said.

“Associating me with Mungiki will not save Nasa from the eminent defeat in the October 26 presidential election.”


Mr Kuria endorsed the demos but asked the Nasa leadership to ensure that the business community and other Kenyans go on with their work uninterrupted. 

He urged Nasa to work with the police and create a mechanism for the success of the demos while ensuring that the rights of the business community and other Kenyans are respected.

“As the patron of Nairobi business organisation, we have agreed that business in Nairobi and all other parts of the country continues undisrupted. We have vowed that normalcy must reign,” he said.

He was accompanied by Chuka Igambang’ombe MP Patrick Munene, Nominated MP David Sankok and Kesses lawmaker Swarrup Mishra.

Mr Sangok said claims that Mr Kuria was meeting Mungiki youth was a big lie as they were together in Nakuru campaigning for the re-election of President Kenyatta.

MPs claim Mr Kuria wants to use the outlawed group to disrupt Nasa anti-IEBC demos.


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