What Parents must do during new curriculum implementation

basic education model of the new curriculum 2-6-6-3 system

The Basic Education Curriculum Framework says parental roles and responsibilities will be emphasised according to the Constitution and other national and international legal instruments.

It says that during early childhood education, parents must ensure the child is given proper care and protection to experience normal patterns of growth and development.

This means that all children will be accorded tender loving care, nutrition, clothing, shelter and access to health services.

Parents will also be required to identify cases of disability among their children and to make quick and timely referrals for prompt intervention to mitigate the disability to avoid further delay or distorted development.

In addition, parents will be required to ensure a safe and healthy environment to enable their children to be creative and innovative and to enhance their stimulation and ability to manipulate the environment.

The need to equip children with basic self-help skills such as toilet training, eating and table manners/etiquette, washing and dressing will also be the responsibility of parents.


New education curriculum to take effect in May

Parents will also be required to read to children to put them on the road to developing literacy skills, comprehension and early reading techniques. The report says this act can be an enjoyable bonding experience.

For middle level education–upper primary and lower secondary–parents are expected to engage their children’s general wellbeing and education as stipulated in the earlier level of education.


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