What It Means Transforming Raila NASA To Resistance Movement


Raila Odinga, the man with fanatical following in the Republic of KENYA announces the conversion of NASA political vehicle to a National Resistance Movement.

My take:

1. What Raila Odinga has announced in the capital city of Kenya is near treason. It is the kind of announcement People make in the bush but he chose to make it publicly in the heart of Kenya. Raila is tired of election theft in KENYA. That name is not only revolutionary, it carries certain heavy undertones only known to a few.

2. This therefore means Raila Odinga wants to be arrested to trigger a Revolution because when people feel they cannot change or confirm leadership through the ballot, they resort to other means. And Raila said this was the last election that was stolen.

3. A reclusive nonetity named Wycliffe Matakwei of the Sabaot Land Defence Forces in Mt. Elgon held the Kenya Government for several years defying various security incursions until the KDF brought an end to his tyranny after almost a year. That was Matakwei known only in Mt. Elgon. What of Raila Odinga? Musalia Mudavadi, Kalonzo Musyoka and Moses Wetangula?

4. This kind of weighty announcement, Raila Odinga cannot make without support from elsewhere either externally or internally from elements in the military. The Government needs to take him seriously.

5. CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera and Sky News interrupted normal programming to relay his declaration live. This tells you the position of Kenya to the world.

6. Raila Odinga repeated the name of his movement twice in English and twice in Swahili.

7. Raila Odinga’s body language showed he meant business.

8. NASA it seems is now in the league of Museveni’s NRM, SPLA, FRELIMO and UNITA.

9. Raila Odinga has promised to provide a list of products to facilitate economic boycott. If this is enforced by NASA supporters in supermarkets and other areas, the country will grind to a halt.

10. Raila Odinga promised elections in 90 days. This is telling.

Can we safely say that Raila Odinga, MUSALIA Mudavadi, Kalonzo Musyoka and MOSES Wetangula are from today effectively REBEL leaders?

Will they be arrested?

What next for Kenya?

By Eric Ochanji II

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