Wetang’ula urges support for Cord in Western

Bungoma Senator Moses Wetang’ula on Friday told communities in western to remain steadfast in their support for Cord and ensure they registered as voters in large numbers to vote Jubilee out of power in next year’s polls.

Mr Wetang’ula said the Luhya nation had failed in its bid to clinch the presidency due to lack of unity which undermined the community’s numerical strength to back a credible candidate to contest the top seat.

The Senator who is seeking to be the Cord flagbearer in next year’s polls was addressing mourners at Lung’anyiro village in Matungu constituency.

He said the region had a large number of youths who were not registered as voters.

He accused Bungoma Governor Ken Lusaka for trying to mislead the Luhya community to blindly support Jubilee by claiming the government had initiated projects worth billions of shillings in the region.

“It’s so sad that Jubilee is shamelessly trying to win the support of Luhyas by openly lying about projects being initiated in the region when its public knowledge the projects have not been budgeted for,” said Mr Wetang’ula.

Mr Wetang’ula said the apathy shown by youths in the electoral process was seriously undermining the support enjoyed by the opposition in its strongholds in western.

He asked communities in western to reject overtures from the Jubilee administration to back the re-election of President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto in 2017 polls.

Mr Wetang’ula said the tarmacking of roads and other projects launched by President Kenyatta when he visited western region nine days ago was a ploy by the Jubilee to away the support for the opposition from the Luhya community.

He said the region had the potential of influencing the outcome of the presidential vote but the disappointing turn out during voter registration was a big blow to campaigns by the opposition to consolidate support in western.

Mr Wetang’ula said in 2013, Kakamega County only managed to register 570,000 registered voters out of the population 2 million people. Bungoma County had 411,000 registered voters after a majority of potential voters failed to turn up for registration.

“This time, we are pleading with you (communities from western) to take voter registration very seriously when the exercise starts in January next year and ensure youths who are eligible are registered,” said Senator Wetang’ula.

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