Is Western Province voting as a block in 2017?

Political analysts and opinion leaders from Western province are overwhelmingly amazed at the turn of events and political shift on how the vote rich Western province will vote in the forthcoming general elections.

President Kenyatta is banking his support on his closest point men on the ground led by the Bungoma Governor, Mr. Ken Lusaka and Eugene Wamalwa the CS for Water, while the NASA brigade is led by former Deputy premier Musalia Mudavadi, Senator Moses Wetangula and other fierce campaign diehards like Dr.Bonny Khalwale to ensure a resounding victory for the Coalition

A11T1714 Is Western Province voting as a block in 2017?Mr. Ken Lusaka is wasting no time and is burning the midnight oil to ensure that Jubilee snatches large swathes of Western Province to his side of the Coalition. Our team caught up with his underground team who are working very hard to convince the residents that they won’t go wrong in voting for Jubilee for the second term.

The DP William Ruto is co-ordinating the team and giving NASA a run for their money.

Many analysts are convinced that the Bukusu and Maragoli sub-clans will be voting for the same presidential candidate for the first time unlike in previous elections where both the  populous Luhya sub-clans voted against each other.

A11T1752 Is Western Province voting as a block in 2017?The Jubilee Administration has in the past few years tried to wrestle the vote rich province from Raila Odinga who has put a fierce counter by diminishing the gains they’ve made

The Administration promised to bail out Mumias Sugar Company and the Webuye paper Mills and also offered state plum jobs to sons and daughters from the region but still many residents are not convinced that the government is ready to help them fight poverty and ensure equitable distribution of the National cake.

A11T1758 Is Western Province voting as a block in 2017?During the recent tour by the NASA brigade which saw a barrage of shots fired at the Jubilee administration led by Odinga, they told the residents that Uhuruto are not ready to solve the problems facing the common man. One of the allegation is that the Webuye paper mill which started operations immediately after the President toured the facility but stopped operations a few days after he told residents that the Government has bailed it out. The NASA team went further to allege that a Company associated with top Jubilee government officials is buying the facility at a throw away price of only Kshs.900m.

A11T1718 Is Western Province voting as a block in 2017?A poll commissioned by our news channel where 2047 respondents were asked which coalition they are supporting revealed that 76% will vote for NASA and 14% for Jubilee while 10% were still undecided with a sampling error of +- 3%

There is a growing discontent by residents many of them worried about  the skyrocketing prices of basic commodities and their availability. Some residents have opted to cross the border to the neighboring country to buy food and supplies where they claim it’s cheaper than in Kenya.

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