Well equipped hospitals, schools the new face of Kitui County

, KITUI, Kenya, Jun 28 – At the entrance of the refurbished Kitui Referral Hospital’s administration block is an inscription that, at a glance, strikes you as superfluous as it reads: ‘RENAL UNIT.’

However, the scepticism soon turns to awe as you tour the hospital with its sparkling clean floors and shiny new equipment.

The refurbished Kitui Referral Hospital is way ahead of its class in health-care facilities in the country.

As I walk around I meet a patient who I’ll name Patrick. He tells me, “What you are seeing is real. We do not have to travel to Nairobi or overseas to get specialised treatment”.

All this has been made possible by the sophisticated equipment that the national government has currently installed and is fully functional, allowing for specialised services otherwise unavailable such as dialysis.

For example a six-bed dialysis centre for renal patients is also now in place, noting this hospital lacked one.

Today I met a patient, who for three years commuted from Kitui to Nairobi to access dialysis twice a week at Kenyatta National Hospital but now he is getting the service back home.

”The equipment has greatly improved the way we get services in this hospital. I am grateful to the Jubilee Government for its support to devolution”, said one of the beneficiaries of the renal equipment.

“Hii si ndoto, ni ukweli”, in case these equipment was not here, we could be talking of a different story, probably I could be dead by now. It was so expensive”, he added.

Kitui Referral Hospital is among 92 hospitals across all counties that have now been equipped with modern diagnostic equipment, through the innovative managed equipment service program supported by the national government.

Metres away is Kitui High School which has been renovated by the national government. The school has newly constructed and fully equipped physics and chemistry laboratories. Some of the students we spoke to expressed their happiness saying their performance has shot up because of good and conducive environment

In lower Yatta sub-County, more secondary schools have been constructed by the national government thus reducing the distance students cover to access learning.

Due to the sparse population of Kitui County, this initiative has helped increase the number of schools available for students. 100-130 students is the average while one sub-location has an average of two primary schools.

Digital learning for class one pupils is already in place from the free primary school laptop project.

At Lower Yatta Primary School for instance, a total of 50 laptops were given to the school’s class one pupils, according to the headteacher.

”Pupils no longer miss classes as before, as the laptops introduced to them by the Jubilee government motivate them,” said Carol Nduku.

The project was part of the promises given by the Jubilee Administration during the 2013 campaigns.


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