NRM #Resist # SwearinginofBaba.


When I hear talks of a divided NASA over the swearing in I feel disgusted. I hope these are rumours when they say there some fractions in the leadership of our beloved party  are opposed ( read as…scared) of December 12th. I can tell you for free Mudavadi, Kalonzo and anyone else expecting to rule this country  in the future, that without this liberation of the people from these despots YOU WILL NEVER SEE PRESIDENCY in Kenya.

Not to threaten our leaders but do you expect too play no role in the liberation struggle and then when gains are made you enjoy the fruits. Kalonzo even Muthama is a Kamba we will only reward those who give us the gift of freedom from the despots.

Let us all  be very clear the war we have today is between right thinking wananchi who mean well for this country and the Status Quo….Anyone else saying otherwise is lying to themselves.

Take for example all those Mungiki, Nairobi Business Community, Uthamakistans,Matiangi Chinkororo and murderous police, HAVE THEIR LIVES CHANGED? No! Their still leaving the same miserable life they have always led.

My KALENJIN community let me tell you this for free Ruto will not be president come 2022, as he dosen’t belong to the Status Quo. No matter how much money he steals, land he grabs. The status quo will find one of their own to represent them. They were stealing public resources and land before Mr. Ruto even thought of Langata Primary land. STOP misleading us as a community because you will be betrayed in broad daylight and very soon, don’t come back to us with stories. WE TOLD YOU SO.

Back to our swearing in we must all participate in whatever way we can no matter how tired and frustrated we are getting. Despite all teargas, water cannons, live bullets, false criminal accusation laid on our leaders WE MUST NOT RELENT.

Raila is the only leader we have who can lead us in this fight. No one else has the energy, stamina, resources and determination he has. If we all do not rally behind him there may never be another chance to liberate ourselves in the near future.

All focus should be on how to achieve a swearing in on the 12th, from Kenyans of goodwill from all walks of life.

Legal or illegal we must forge ahead. Power is not given it is taken. Besides this government is in power illegally.

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