We are not criminals but free businessmen in Kenya, declare Pakistani motor dealers

Two Pakistani nationals living in Kenya have come out to fight off claims they are wanted by authorities in their country over allegations of extortion.

Mr Muhamed Nadeem Iqbal and Wasim Iqbal provided documents to show they are not wanted in their country contrary to claims.

The two are motor vehicle dealers in Nairobi, Mombasa and Nakuru.

Reports indicated the Pakistan Embassy in Kenya had written twice to Kenyan authorities seeking help to have the two extradited.

“We have a Kenyan resident permit and we have no criminal records in Pakistani and in Kenya. These are all falsehoods being perpetuated by our former partner to injure our businesses,” said Nadeem.

Nadeem said he has lived in Kenya since 1995 and married a Kenyan with whom they have three children. He said that his stay in the country is legal.


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“There have been reports that we were deported from the country and returned illegally. This is not true as the high court returned my passport in 2014,” he added.

They provided certificate of good conduct from their country covering 2006 and 2016 for Nadeem and 2002 to 2016 for Wasim to show they did not have any criminal record.

Speaking at The Standard offices in Nairobi, the two said the reports of them being thrown out of Kenya were malicious adding that they were not fugitives.

They are now accusing their former partner, Umar Hayat Jan, a Pakistan national who operates from Pakistan and Japan for their woes.  Umar and his kin Hamid Ullah, Naheed Ullah, Mohamed Siddique and Shahab Zahir are listed as complaints in an alleged extortion case reported the Federal Investigation Agency of Pakistan.

The complainants claimed the two obtained the money in June 2010, a time when the accused were in Kenya.

There were reports that the two are listed in the Interpol most wanted persons as they’re being sought by Pakistan authorities. However a check at the Interpol website did not yield their names.

“You can check by yourselves the list published in the Interpol our names are not there. Besides, we are not fugitives as our status in Kenya is known to authorities,” Nadeem added.


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On February 17 last year, the High Court reinstated passports of the two after the ministry of interior confiscated them.  Justice Weldon Korir also ruled that Nadeem and Wasim are free to enter the country any time.

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