War of words as battle for Kajiado Speaker’s seat starts

A war of words has broken out between Kajiado County Assembly Speaker Johnson Osoi and an outgoing MCA who is eyeing the Speaker’s seat.

Mr Daniel Kanchori, who lost the Oloosirkon Sholinke Ward seat in Kitengela, alleged that Mr Osoi is being fronted by cartels out to benefit from construction tenders for the proposed new debating chambers set to be constructed at a cost of Sh600 million.

“Already money is changing hands as way of influencing the outcome of the Speaker’s election,” he alleged.

“Mr Osoi is also going around invoking the names of the Deputy President and the governor. Besides, he had announced that he would not be defending his seat.”


However, in a swift rejoinder, Mr Osoi dismissed Mr Kanchori’s allegations as utterances of a person without an agenda.

“I expect a mature competition in this race” said Mr Osoi.

“Let Hon Kanchori say what he is going to do as Speaker and not resort to backward politics of mudslinging and badmouthing.”

Mr Osoi denied any knowledge of cartels out to benefit from the construction of the new Assembly.

“The bidding and tendering process was done competitively through the Ministry of Public Works. I am not aware on any other tendering,” explained Mr Osoi.

“I am firmly in the race and will not be distracted by unfounded allegations. My work in the last four-and-a-half years speaks for itself.”

The two spoke in two separate media interviews in Kitengela Town.

Mr Kanchori and Mr Osoi are among the three main frontrunners for the seat, the other one being Mr Samuel Seki, who served as Narok County Secretary.


While Mr Osoi is counting on his experience as the first Kajiado Speaker to recapture the seat, Mr Kanchori is relying on his experience as a former MCA.

“As a former MCA, I know the workings of the county assembly as well as the needs of MCAs,” said Mr Kanchori who holds a law degree.

Mr Seki counts on his loyalty to the Jubilee Party and the fact that he campaigned vigorously for Governor Joseph ole Lenku’s election to capture the seat.

Mr Kanchori however hinted at a possible closing of ranks between him and Mr Seki.

“I am in talks with Seki and you shall see the outcome of the talks soon,” he said without elaborating.

Mr Osoi also spoke about his position as chairman of the National Speakers Forum, a position he has held for the last one year.

“The people of Kajiado can rely on my firm hand to steer the assembly and to balance the interests of the executive and those of the legislature,” he explained.

“As you know I shielded Dr Nkedianye from being impeached by an assembly full of Jubilee MCAs as I did not think the motions met the threshold for impeachment. I will do the same for Mr Ole Lenku if I feel [a] motion lacks merit,” he added.

While Mr Kanchori accused Mr Osoi of being an absentee Speaker, Mr Osoi defended himself by saying that he had other national duties to perform.

“Besides I had delegated most roles as required by law. Maybe Mr Kanchori should [explain] why his Legal Affairs Committee never brought any motions to the floor of the House,” added Mr Osoi.

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