Waiganjo pushes for meeting with CJ Maraga about court cases

Police imposter Joshua Karianjayi Waiganjo wants to meet Chief Justice David Maraga over numerous cases he is facing in court.

Mr Waiganjo, who is serving a five-year jail term for impersonating an assistant police commissioner, through his lawyer Steve Kabita, filed an application before Nakuru Chief Magistrate David Mararo seeking orders to have the prison management facilitate his meeting with the Chief Justice.

“We are requesting the orders from the court to have the prison warders arrange and escort my client to the Chief Justice for he is also his client,” Mr Kabita said.

Justifying his application, Mr Waiganjo said the he was within the constitutional provision that guarantees every citizen the right to information from the judiciary boss.

Mr Kabita said his client has a right to audience with the CJ.

“Any denial to seek audience with the CJ is tantamount to an act of prejudice by the court,” he said.

Chief Magistrate Mararo, however, directed that the matter be filed in the constitutional court.

“This court is not in a position to handle the application which is a constitutional matter. Let it be filed to the relevant court,” he said.

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He was charged alongside former Rift Valley Provincial boss John M’Mbijiwe and former Anti-Stock Theft Unit Commandant Michael Remi Ngugi with abuse of office.

Mr M’Mbijiwe is charged with opening a file in Mr Waiganjo’s name to pass him off as a reservist, allowing him to ride in a police helicopter during a security mission in Baragoi on October 30, 2012.

Mr Ngugi is accused of allowing Mr Waiganjo unlimited access and use of police vehicles in addition to allocating him a personal police driver.

The two are out on a Sh2 million bond each. The case will be heard on February 17, next year.

He was jailed last year by Naivasha court.

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