Wahome Thuku: Why Uhuru Snubbed Chebukati Meeting Over October Polls

DONT keep ranting every time President Uhuru sends his DP William Ruto to stand in for him. Yes I know Uhuru was to meet IEBC as a candidate, so no need to remind me. And that is actually the issue. The meeting was not compulsory, it was just briefing session for the 4 people whose names will be on the ballot ONLY. The briefing was for anyone who wished to be briefed. Jubilee has no issues with the IEBC, so even attending the meeting by the DP was only for respect.

BUT more importantly is the FACT (I know people who hate facts) that Uhuru is President and separating that position from Candidate Uhuru, is unworkable. For example Uhuru is the man whose left hand will sign the controversial Elections Laws amendments into law. Without his signature, they are not law. Yet that is a contention. He is the head of the government financing the IEBC. He is head of govt accused of advertising its achievements at election time contrary to law. He heads the government mandated to ensure security before, during and after voting.

So, looking at Uhuru as President/candidate, you can’t avoid also looking at Ruto as Deputy President. Under Article 147 of our constitution the DP is Principal assistant to President and deputises him in execution of President’s functions. I know you will say meeting IEBC was not presidential function. Just go back to what I have said above.

More important in that Article (sub article 3) the President can make the Deputy to act as President, anytime he wishes. So that whenever you see WSR standing in for UMK, he could be acting as his assistant/deputy or actually as Acting President on the boss’s powers.
Mambo yako hivo.


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