Voter intimidation and bribery blamed for Raila’s poor performance in Nyamira and Kisii counties.

Gusii Community is still in disbelief with the presidential Outcome in Nyamira and Kisii counties.

Most people living in Nyamira and Kisii counties are yet to come to the terms that their prefered presidential candidate didn’t garner enough votes as expected.

A cross section of community leaders have been trying to answer the most difficult questions of their lifetime as to what really happened on the polling day.

Gauging by the mood on the ground most people are still not believing that Raila Odinga didn’t carry the Gusii vote as it happened in 2013 where he had a commanding lead of over 75% of the total cast vote and was expected to have performed even better this time round.

Allegations of vote bribery have been blamed for the results and one citizen lost his life at a tallying center in Nduru High School in South Mugirango constituency.

Another critical aspect they are pondering is the fact that major political seats were won by NASA coalition but that did not translate to the presidential vote. “Did the NASA secretariat leave the battle of the presidential campaign to the incumbents who were also fighting their own battles to retain the seats and forgot to campaign for Raila or what really happened “an area resident  Mr. Makori Marwanga from Nyamira County posed.

Cases of voter bribery were reported in various wards and a freelance journalist was locked up his phone confiscated and forced told to delete the pictures and clips by the people allegedly were giving out bribes to the would be voters.

Our local journalist found a Raila supporter crying uncontrollably when he saw results stream in on the local TV channel and no one could manage to cool him down saying that “ I won’t participate in any elections forever if this is what Kenyans call elections. I lined up for 5 hours to get a better life and services as promised by Raila Odinga but now I’m again going to continue in poverty for the next five years, even more, worse than what I have endured” he said amid sobs.

In the social media platform, it has become so hot that the people from Gusii have decided to take the results very bitter and blaming each other for not delivering as anticipated while the pro government troops are also hitting back with their own opinion and celebrating the outcome.

The area residents are also getting mixed reactions from the NASA team and the IEBC who are giving different figures based on form 34 A  from the polling station.

Local leaders are urging for calm and give IEBC the opportunity to tally the votes and announce the winner based on the National tally from all the constituencies.

In Nyamira there was tension at the tallying center when the incumbent governor, John Nyagarama was not declared as the winner beating his closest competitor Mr. Nyambati of Jubilee with over 4,000 votes. The RO had a very difficult time to ensure both the camps had an amicable solution to the impasse so that he could issue the certificate to the winner. Mr. Nyambati claimed that he was rigged out by the incumbent and promised to raise the issue with the IEBC  in the due course of time. He claimed that his own tally from his agents shows that he beat Governor John Nyagarama fair and square.


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