Voices of angry Kenyans

Kenyans across the country are giving varying opinions on the government performance and others are not mincing their words on wanton corruption plaguing the Jubilee government and their zeal to vote it out come August 8, 2017.

Our crew met this angry Kenyan from Rift Valley and has a bone to chew with the current government by lambasting it’s below par achievement in the development and giving promises that it has never fulfilled and still giving more which he claims are meant to hoodwink Kenyans to vote for it for a second time.

He is asking the Government to come clean on the Railway(SGR) issue and acquisition of parastatals by private companies he’s alleging is associated with the powers to be in the current government.

He is advising Kenyans to vote out the corrupt regime and bring in a fresh government which can deliver to Kenyans and ensure equitable distribution of the national Cake.

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