[VIDEO] Marwa links politicians to Lamu attacks, warns against tours before poll

Nelson Marwa has cautioned Mombasa, Kwale, Kilifi and Tana River politicians against setting foot in Lamu ahead of the August 8 poll.

The Coast regional coordinator alluded to a close link between Mombasa and Lamu where terrorism and politics are concerned.

Marwa also said he is aware of unnecessary contact and visits to Lamu by politicians from other counties, “especially Mombasa, whose business goes beyond mere politics”.

“What is very interesting in Lamu that can make anyone leave his county and come here? Everyone should stick to his county, campaign there and stick there until after elections,” he said in Lamu on Sunday.

We don’t want politicians from Mombasa, Kilifi, Tana River and Kwale coming to Lamu. What for? Campaigns should happen in respective counties. There is no need for unnecessary visitations whose objective is more than just politics. We shall guard the peace of Lamu at all costs.”

He did not give more details.

Attackers believed to be al Shabaab militants killed and injured several people in the county.

The latest incident left Labout PS Mariam El Maawy with injuries and her nephew and several officers dead.

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The regional coordinator further said the sporadic attacks in Lamu are politically instigated and are meant to scare voters.

Marwa noted a pattern, saying the attacks are taking place in areas perceived to be Jubilee strongholds.

“Why are attacks targeting specific places only and why now…barely a month to the elections? It is obvious it’s a strategy. We are monitoring all politicians and very soon you shall hear of very surprising arrests.”

Marwa further cited the 2014 Mpeketoni attacks that left at least 60 people dead.

The attacks were planned in Mombasa, he said, adding his office is keenly monitoring politicians’ activities in the areas.

“Dirty politics that leads to deaths and disrupts peace in the Coastal region will not be tolerated no matter the stature of the person concerned,” he said.

The administrator noted he has shifted base from Mombasa to Lamu to tackle the al Shabaab menace.

“It is unfortunate that politicians here are using youths to conduct terror attacks. They keep them in the forest and fund them. They provide for them and facilitate them in every way. We have put in place adequate strategies to deal with terrorism here and that’s why I am basically setting up camp in Lamu. I wont move from here until  al Shabaab is a done deal.”

Marwa earlier threatened to bomb Boni Forest where the militants operate from but faced opposition from some elders who said it is their source of livelihood.

Other groups permitted the move saying they are tired of sleepless nights and deaths.

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The regional coordinator also questioned the objectives of leaders opposed to a curfew and the bombing of the forest.

“Why would any leader oppose a curfew meant for the good of the people? Why would anyone oppose the bombing of a forest which has become the home of terrorists who are killing our people at will?” he posed.

“How are we supposed to treat such sentiments? What agenda do such people have? We know their intention is to finance al Shabaab with the intention of destabilising the county…we won’t allow that…never.”


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