[VIDEO] KDF soldier caught on camera shooting multiple times at civilian

A video has emerged of a person believed to be a KDF soldier shooting multiple times at a man seemingly tied up and on the ground.

The shooter in a military uniform continues to fire after killing the victim while others, also in uniforms, watch from a truck.

It is not clear where, when and why the man was shot.

One shouts “imetosha (it is enough)” while others say “Twende, kwani iko nini (Let’s go. What’s the problem)?”

Two more gunshots were heard as the person recording the incident moved away.

KDF Public Affairs officer Colonel Joseph Owuoth said they cannot comment on the video.

“If it is a video from social media we cannot comment on that,” he told The Star by phone on Wednesday.

Muhuri chairman Khelef Khalifa noted such incidents have become rampant in several parts of the country.

Khalifa blamed the government saying it has failed so members of the public no longer abide by the law.

“It is despicable to see officers who are paid to guard Kenya turn their guns against its people,” he said.

On April 1, IG Joseph Boinnet ordered a probe into a viral video depicting the killing of two suspected gang members in Nairobi’s Eastleigh area.

The minute-long clip showed s a person said to be a policeman in plain clothes apprehending a suspect.

Another man in police uniform holding what looks like an AK-47 rifle is seen dispersing a crowd.

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The Independent Policing Oversight Authority has said police commanders are to blame.

On March 21, the police watchdog said the leaders have failed to take steps to comprehend strict provisions of the law regarding use of firearms and lethal force.

Dennis Oketch, IPOA head of communications, said they are probing cases of forced disappearances and other forms of rights abuses by officers.

Lawyers Willie Kimani (IJM) and Jared Ratemo, and Mumias Sugar secretary Joseph Lubya were also killed under suspicious circumstances.

Investigations into these cases and severl others that sparked national outrage, are still being investigated.

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