LEAKED: USA Ambassador Godec Pushing Raila To Withdraw Demands on IEBC

Before Uhuru Withdraws Amendment Bill From Parliament…

Robert Godec in cahoots with Jubilee are trying to blackmail NASA leader Raila Odinga, Godec is insisting that NASA withdraws the irreducible minimums before Jubilee withdraws the elections amendment bills in parliament!

Here is the list of NASA Irreducible minimums demand on IEBC;

IEBC should provide a list of all polling stations and registered voters per all those polling stations in advance. List should indicate the GPS locations of all polling stations and the network coverage


A new slot of returning officers to be appointed for all the 291 constituencies
Current serving ROs to remain as Constituency Elections Managers and not play any role as Returning Officers in the fresh elections but provide logistical support to the appointed ROs
Appointment of ROs should be from a pool provided by political parties of nominees.
Posting of ROs should be done through open balloting in public to determine constituencies where the officers are to be posted.


No text messaging in sending elections results.
Only scanned images to be sent through the KIEMS kit to the constituency and national tallying center.
Commission to proactively announce exact number of persons who have voted at 5 pm based on tabulations from KIEMS Kits before the counting starts.
Elections results to be announced at the Constituency level. Only scanned images to be sent through the KIEMS kits or results transmitted by Presiding Officers and Returning Officers may be tabulated.

National tallying center should not display results before they are verified and announced at the constituency level.
No results should be displayed unless political party and candidates’ agents are given full access to all transaction logs and databases.
National tallying center should only display scanned images of result Forms once publicly announced at the Constituency tallying centers.
Media Houses should proactively cover all results announcements at the respective constituencies and show live feed of the outcome.

Candidates’ agents should be part of receiving teams at the constituency and national tallying centers. Receiving teams to verify all Forms 34As delivered and confirm that accurate entries are made on the Forms 34Bs and sign off before announcement is made.
Observers should be allowed access to this process.


A scrutiny of the Forms 34Bs from the constituencies showed that 80 constituency Forms were fake and therefore illegal.
Officers who were complicit in processing results through these illegal Forms should not play any role in the fresh electoral process.
Officers who also facilitated the display of figures purporting them to be results but which at the Supreme Court hearing were disowned by the Commission as mere statistics should equally be barred from participating in the fresh elections.


Independent International Experts should be engaged to manage the entire ICT framework of the elections with close supervision of the Candidates agents and the IEBC.
Results transmission system to be designed on the Oracle platform and overseen by Oracle Consulting. No use of cloud servers in results transmission.
IBM was contracted to provide end to end security testing of the KIEMS system.

IBM to be allowed to provide security and monitoring of users, networks and servers used in results transmission.


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