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THE push by Western world particularly by United States of America and United Kingdom against the swearing


THE push by Western world particularly by United States of America and United Kingdom governments against the swearing in of opposition leader Raila Odinga is a sugar-coated strategy meant to hoodwink NASA followers and the whole world that the two entities mean well for the country. Nothing can be farther from the truth.

The leading western blocks have been caught with their pants down after they embraced Kenyatta regime for the sake of securing multi billion business tenders and supplies to counter the outgrowing economic influence of the Eastern world led by China.

I a situation like this twenty six years ago, US ambassador to Kenya, the late Smith Hemstone would not butt an eyelid.  About twelve years ago, British High Commissioner Sir Edward Clay would not mince words. But time has ticked upto the time ideology has changed significantly.

China is not bothered by anything human rights, democracy and rule of law except business and nothing else. This has irked European nations and US whose grips on our nation are decades long.

Between justice, rule of law and democracy versus autocracy and ethnic profiling and massacre, US and UK have chosen business with their dangerous card under the table n the name of peace crusade.

The vested business interests by US and UK are the driving factor above everything else. That is why over 80 Kenyans have been massacred by police in support of the regime of President Uhuru Kenyatta, but the two leading nations which are known for their meticulous attention to matters democracy, human rights and justice have closed their eyes and ears as well as shut their mouth on daylight ethnic cleansing by police under their watch lest they lose business.

The Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary at the US government Bureau of Africa Mr. Donald Yamamoto was reported to be pushing NASA leaders to shun the planned December 12Tuesday swearing in of Mr. Odinga saying that the move will serve in polarizing the country further. He is calling them to embrace dialogue to help get out of the impasse.

Recently, in a joint statement when the two governments sent a congratulatory message to President Kenyatta’s inauguration, the US and UK Governments appealed to Kenyans to join together to hold immediate, sustained and open national conversation to heal divisions between communities.

Now that Mr. Odinga has put the challenge on the doorstep of US and UK presenting facts, figures and the truth, the two nations are hiding behind dialogue and placing a tacit of unspecified threat or sanctions to whoever fails to embrace dialogue.

This is double standard that patriotic Kenyans and NASA brigade should ignore by ensuring that whatever negotiation is done at their terms and conditions. NASA must quickly come up with irreducible minimum to US and UK including the principle of ‘’we talk as we carry on with our agenda to establish a parallel government after swearing in and we swear in as we talk.’’.

The US military hardware has benefited a great deal through sales of weapons following Kenya’s military invasion to Somalia in October 2011which they themselves had pulled out yet many Kenyan families have lost their loved ones in the hands of Al Shabaab without any compensation. Moreover life is sacrosanct and as such cannot be equated to some monetary compensation.

The proposed construction of the more than 500 km Mombasa-Nairobi  six lane super highway at a cost of Ksh. 300 billion funded by US and its a tender won by US construction firms in what is described as design, build, operate and transfer. It may take tax payers fifteen to twenty years to repay the loan. These are some of the things making the so called big brothers sacrifice Kenya’s quest for electoral justice.

The ranches business in Kenya as well as multi-national tea farms remain British top interest and they are ready to sacrifice anything including going in bed with autocratic regime for the sake of their prosperity in order to protect them. May be it is the reason as to why UK kept quiet when over 400 herd of cattle of Maasai community were brutally gunned down by police resulting into a huge loss of livelihood.

When children who have nothing to do with elections  and other whose only offence is to picket lose their lives in the hands of police and social rag tags or militia groups under the protection of the regime, US and UK remain tight lipped.

May be Turkana oil is another centre of interest and may for a very long time contribute to injustices by catalyzing curses instead of blessings in Kenya so long as that the big brother who is at the centre of it continue to glorify the powers that to ward off China interest.

Despite all these, NASA leadership is on the right side and time of history and must not relent in its agenda to bring to an end electoral justice or else election in Kenya will remain an exercise of engaging in an elaborate coronation of a predetermined leader to take office rather than the will of the people.

Patriotic Kenyans should treat calls by US and UK with a lot of caution and where possible with bare knuckles because it is hollow of truth, justice, democracy, rule of law and human rights except business.


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