US does not support any presidential candidate, envoy Godec says

United States ambassador to Kenya Robert Godec has said his country does not support ant presidential candidate in the August elections.

“Only Kenyans will make a decision on who will be their leader…We however do support and encourage voter participation,” he said.

Ambassador Godec, who had visited Kariobangi South in Nairobi County on Wednesday encouraged more Kenyans to register as voters.

The envoy said Kenyans who are eligible should register as voters so that they can elect leaders of their choice.

“Voter apathy is not the answer. Get yourself engaged in the process. Participating in the process is what makes a democracy. It is what makes America great and it is what will make this country great,” he said.

He said the only way Kenyans can express the choice of their leaders is by registering as voters and voting when the time comes.

“Express your choice who leads this country at the national level or local level. Make your choice, make your voice heard make your vote count and make a decision about where you want your country to go,” he said on Wednesday.

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