Angry Cry

Students at University Of Nairobi On Rampage Demanding the Immediate resignation of Prof. Mbith

Student planned demos all over the campus demanding Prof. Mbithi out Immediate…

The University Of Nairobi students planned demos on Tuesday/today to kick Prof. Mbithi out.

Hon. Babu Owino Told us yesterday,

“Tomorrow the Universities students fraternity shall hold the mother of all demonstrations across the country in a bid to revisit police brutality that led to the death of several comrades from Nairobi University. You are either with comrades or with Satan. No Mercy.
Mercy was killed in the IEBC Servers.”

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This will most likely explode to a serious mass action hours before the scheduled comrades protests on Tuesday morning(rehearsals or a pre-demonstrations preparation).

The students are demanding the immediate resignation of VC Prof Mbithi for allegedly calling the police to campus who later brutalized innocent students.

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Other issues include demand for IG Boinnet to produce the officers that brutalized students and an apology from CS Matiangi.

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“Comrades Will hold Massive Protests To Revisit Police Brutality’- Babu Owino

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