Uncivilised hostility against foreigners in ranches should be stopped

Cattle in grazing in a foreign-owned ranch in Keny

Over the past few months, foreign ranchers have been shot at by assailants.

About a month ago, one of them, Tristan Voorspuy, was shot dead in his ranch. This came after cottages on the ranch were burnt. On Sunday, a renowned conservationist, Kuki Gallmann, was shot by herders in her ranch. Why is the the Government unable to deal with such uncivilised hostility against foreigners? Kenyans also own property in foreign countries and would not expect the same to be done to them.

The invading herders (if indeed they are herders) must be made to understand the role that the ranchers play in promoting the local economy. They employ our people and boost food security. Besides, this is the 21st century where such hostility has no place. Kenyans are known to be resilient and accommodating. These ranchers pay for the land, which I believe is on lease by the Government, by offering more security. Stringent laws and regulations must be enacted to curb such incidents. 

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