Supreme court ruling Aftermath

The Chief Justice David Maraga who has been silent since the ruling of the two petitions challenging President Uhuru’s victory especially on the 26th October, has finally broken the silence and confessed that it has never been easy for him and the judges.

Speaking at the Annual Judges and Magistrates Association meeting, the CJ admitted that they have gone through trauma and criticisms as an institution.

Though he spoke after the ruling of NASA coalition’s petition challenging Mr. Kenyatta’s win on the 8th August elections, he was only responding to Uhuru and jubilee at large for accusing him (maraga) of siding with the opposition thus delivering the verdict in their favour.

“My attention has been drawn to statements by political leaders at a rally in Baringo this afternoon where they accused the Judiciary, and specifically myself, of taking sides in ongoing political disputes.

I would not ordinarily respond to statements made by politicians in the course of campaign activities, but these accusations are particularly unfortunate, based as they are on completely wrong premises”, he said.

However during his address during the meeting, the Chief Justice has talked generally of the intimidation they went and have gone through after delivering the verdict of the two petitions. The ones on the losing end thinking that the winner have been favoured because the judiciary has been compromised.

According to Maraga, they often found themselves at the centre of the powerful forces and to him it was really difficult,”…and attention has been given to this in an international forum and even instruments have been rolled on the independence of the Judiciary particularly the institutional independence of the Judiciary; we are all aware of the protocol such as the well known house guidelines and overriding principles are well known and have been beautifully entrenched our constitution “, he said.

Generally it can be understood that the events that followed the ruling left some of the judges fearing for their lives. “…what remains a challenge however is wading for the encroachment from intrusive institutions and individuals”, the Chief Justice noted.

Nonetheless to him it is only a matter of time and the encroachers will be brought back to their bay and he hopes to cement its place as an independent abattoir and custodian of the rule of law.

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