UK detectives investigating death of Kenyan in British Army

The officer was buried in his Mutomo Village in Gatundu South last Wednesday, after his body was flown into the country.

According to the Daily Mail, the major’s wife found his body at their home on the site of the Cormorant Defence Academy in Watchfield, Oxfordshire, where he had lived since September.

Detectives in the UK are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a Kenyan who worked for the British Army.

Major Cyrus Karumba, 36, was found dead in the bathroom of his house located at an army academy on December 6.

“A coroner has opened an inquest into Cyrus Karumba’s death after his after his wife found his body at their home,” the Daily Mail reported.

The father of two joined the British Army in 2003 and had served in Afghanistan, Kenya and Germany. “Assistant Coroner for Oxfordshire Nicholas Gardiner confirmed the major’s name, age, address and cause of death registered following a post-mortem examination before he adjourned the inquest at Oxford Coroner’s Court,” Daily Mail reported, adding that Thames Valley Police was investigating and an inquest into the death would take place in due course.

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