UhuRuto tell Kiambu to reject ‘divisive’ Raila in six-piece vote

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto on Sunday took their vote hunting to the former’s Kiambu County backyard, where they asked the electorate to reject opposition leader Raila Odinga’s politics of hatred and division.

They accused Mr Odinga of making inciting remarks in Kajiado County, saying it was a clear indication that he was ready to use violence to ascend to power.

The President and the DP made several stopovers before addressing a rally at Thika Municipal Stadium.


President Kenyatta said Mr Odinga did not mean well for Kenya and that is why he was preparing the country for volatility during and after the campaign period by uttering incendiary remarks, which could easily burn down the country.

“The Opposition wants to incite Kenyans to violence but we shall give them proper medicine, which is you coming out to vote in large numbers,” President Kenyatta said.

“He should know that the time for dividing Kenyans is long gone.”

While issuing title deeds to Kilimambogo squatters, Mr Kenyatta pleaded with Kiambu voters not to let him down on August 8, saying they should turn out in large numbers to ensure that Mr Odinga, whom he is competing with him for the second time, is silenced politically.

Mr Ruto accused opposition leaders of playing “divisive, foolish, backward and politics of poverty”, which they claimed was the solution to alleviation of poverty in the country, saying that should not be tolerated.

“We are telling the Opposition that divisive politics has no place in this century,” Mr Ruto said.

He added that the Jubilee administration would ensure all Kenyans will peacefully live, work and do business anywhere in the country.

The Opposition, Mr Ruto said, had ran out of ideas and had resorted to intimidating the electoral body and inciting Kenyans with a view to preparing the country for chaos after their imminent loss in August.

The government had made huge strides in infrastructure development, health, education, power connectivity among many others, he said, which have set the base for their re-election.

Kiambu being a Jubilee stronghold, the two rooted for “six-piece” voting and told residents to set the precedent, saying their next administration required a strong “army” in Parliament and in the counties to ensure they command influence.

President Kenyatta reiterated that he will work only with Jubilee nominees.

“You never saw me interfere with the nominations, and I said that I will work with the leaders that you will nominate,” the President said.

“And since you have picked your choices, they are the people whom I want to work with and I, therefore, ask you to elect them in August.”

Mr Ruto said Kiambu Governor William Kabogo, whose few supporters were waving his posters, should shelve his bid in support of his rival Ferdinand Waititu, saying the government was big enough to accommodate him.

However, the duo’s efforts to campaign for Thika Town MP Alice Ng’ang’a, who is under siege from independent candidate Patrick Wainaina, were futile, as the crowd heckled and booed her when she rose to speak.

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