Uhuru terms ODM claim about ‘fake’ title deeds cheap propaganda

He told those who have acquired titles to ignore the “stupidity’’ and hold on to their documents because they are genuine.

Speaking in Likoni in Mombasa and in Kwale, President Kenyatta said the government would continue to issue title deeds in the coastal region until the thorny land issue is addressed.

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday described as cheap propaganda the claim by leaders of the Orange Democratic Movement leaders that title deeds issued by his administration are fake.

“We made a pledge to buy the Waitiki land (in Likoni) and we fulfilled it. But those elected leaders who abuse others claim that the title deeds are fake. If you want to believe them, it is up to you. But ask them to give you the original ones if those offered by the government are fake. I advise you to hold on to them because this is politics of stupidity, retrogression and hatred, which I do not understand,’’ he said.

He challenged opposition leaders to show the titles they had issued or anything they did while in the previous government, saying the Jubilee administration has issued more title deeds than the successive governments.

“Politics of riddles, jokes and propaganda are for evenings when you are entertaining your children and grandchildren. How do you engage in politics of drama when Kenyans need food and development? How does it help them?”


The president spoke at Sawasawa Ground at a ceremony to grant the Makonde national identity cards. He singled out Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho, whom he said had a tendency to insult and claim that the government had not initiated projects in Mombasa.

“My government has initiated projects of up to Sh100 million in Mombasa alone. We have even built a market, which should be his responsibility, but we did it for him while his work is to spew hatred and propaganda,’’ he said.

He praised Mr Joho’s deputy Hazel Katana, whom he officially received in to Jubilee Party at State House in Mombasa, “for choosing to cross over to work for development and unity”.

The president also appealed to those who had not registered as voters to do so before the February 14 deadline.

Kwale Governor Salim Mvurya and his deputy Fatuma Achani also criticised the opposition, saying there was no place for them in Kwale, which has “since become a Jubilee region”.

Meanwhile, President Kenyatta has extended an olive branch to youth who have been radicalised or drawn into illegal groups to surrender to the government.

He asked those with arms to surrender them and to also seek to consult with government representatives including him to sort out any issues they may have. He advised them to surrender to either religious leaders or political leaders they may trust, including him.

“The coast or any other part of Kenya will remain in the country and you cannot change that. You cannot fight or match the government. Please, if you have any arms with you, just surrender and change your ways. The government will listen to you and you will not be arrested,’’ he said.

Report by Njeri Rugene, Fadhili Fredrick and Daniel Nyassy

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