Uhuru skips presidential debate

President Uhuru Kenyatta failed to turn up for the presidential debate Monday night as NASA leader Raila Odinga turned up accompanied by his wife and other NASA principals.

The NASA presidential candidate took the opportunity to sell his manifesto to the Kenyan voters as he said majority of Kenyans feel the country is headed in the wrong direction due to high cost of living, rising inflation, problems of food security and corruption.

Raila said he is ready to transform the country despite having tried unsuccessfully four times for the presidency.

He mentioned government failures such as huge Public debt and excessive borrowing by the jubilee government.

If elected on August 8, Raila said his administration will enforce Rent Restriction Act to protect the poor, ensure they are not forced to pay rent they cannot afford.

He maintained that if elected, he will withdraw KDF troops from Somalia, in an attempt to strengthen internal security as the officers will guard the country from within the borders.

Raila said East Africa Integration is facing challenges due to bad current leadership of Kenya.


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Given the opportunity, he said he will ensure Kenyans jailed in South Sudan are set free. “I believe the Kenyans jailed in South Sudan are unfairly jailed and deserve fair trial,” he said.

The NASA leader talked about the issues of terror attacks and national security, saying that security of Kenyans should be first priority to any government. “It is unfortunate that the President should be playing internal politics with matters security.” He was referring to Lamu attacks that were being associated with political leadership in the area.

He maintained that the TJRC report must be implemented fully.

The NASA leader called for peaceful elections, saying he will accept results of a credible, transparent and fair elections.

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