Uhuru lead Blogger Gordon Opiyo Cornered And ‘Injured Badly’ by NASA’s Anwar Sadat, #FactsFactory

By Anwar Sadat.

To Gordon Opiyo

We have seen both the diplomatic and undiplomatic faces of Jubilee. There is nothing new we will see from Jubilee that we don’t know.

On the diplomatic front, we have seen Jubilee hire Tony Blair, the former British PM for a monthly fee of Kshs 30 million to spearhead their international propaganda campaigns, at a time when Kenyans were dying of hunger.

We all remember how Uhuru gave the Africa Union Ksh 100 million at a time when Kenyans were dying waiting for their turn at Kenyatta national hospital to be serviced by a single chemotherapy machine.

We have seen Uhuru and Jubilee commit Kshs 300 million of taxpayers money to contract Cambridge Analytics to do their bidding during the time when doctors and nurses were not paid.

We have also seen how Uhuru was quick to bribe an American construction company the contract to build the road from Mombasa at Kshs 600 million people kilometer, something exorbitant by even an American standard, so that Americans could validate the thieving of elections.

So as Kenyans, we have seen the diplomatic side of Jubilee and we don’t like it. It’s caused us to be Ksh 4.8 Trillion in debts; meaning every Kenyan now owes Ksh 150,000 of foreign debt.

We have also seen the undiplomatic side of Jubilee. We all watched the mutilated body of Jacob Juma, killed because Jubilee couldn’t stand his criticism. We saw his son tell the whole world how “a man is still a man” no matter what; we all remember the wife and all of us felt sorry for his family.

We all remember Yebei and host of other ICC witnesses, including some who even worked for Uhuru as legal aides killed after their identity was compromised. Their families are still waiting for Justice.

We all remember and saw how innocent women, men, and children were barricaded in a church in kiambaa and burned to death, their only sin is being from the wrong tribe.

We all saw the dismembered body of Chris Msando and the innocent young girl, whose life was yanked from her at her prime age because Elections had be rigged since someone slept on the job for 4 years without fulfilling their Election pledges.

We all remember the 6 months old baby, Pendo, clobbered to death for being a Luo. We remember Moraa, the little girl killed standing on the doorway of their house. We recall how Matiang’i called her a “demonstrator who was looting public property.”

We all saw men and women pulled out of their homes in Kisumu, killed and their bodies thrown into lake Victoria, their families denied the opportunity to offer them a decent burial.

We have seen the Honorable Chief Justice maligned and abused for standing by the laws of Kenya and remaining firm to deliver justice to a disenfranchised people.

So to you sir and your other Jubilee honchos, we tell you that we have seen both the diplomatic and undiplomatic sides of Jubilee and I will tell you for free that as a people who fear only God, we are not afraid of Jubilee or what they can do.

All we want is credible, free, transparent, fair elections so that we settle the political matter of who will be our president quickly. But should Jubilee decide to play games, tutakutana, Mundu humundu.

Kenya sio ya mama ya mtu.


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