Uhuru, Jubilee: Do Not Insult Our Conscience.

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Ayaka Bw’ Oyambu

By Ayaka bw’Onyambu- Political Analyst Minneapolis,USA

Last Monday, my wife and I attended a weekly catechism class in which the pulpiteer was teaching ‘human conscience’. Now, everyone of sound mind has that inner voice that tells them what’s right or wrong. When people are faced with difficult decisions, they are encouraged to follow their conscience.

Why? Because conscience is never a liar. We form our conscience from our experiences and from our social reality. I’m not aware of a Kenyan society and indeed none across the world that teaches its people not to feel shame for taking that which is not theirs.

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Let’s imagine I rustle your cow and lock it in my stable and because I have a more menacing spear, I stand at my door and forbid you entry into my yard. Naturally you get agitated and try every trick in the book to get your cow back. While you are at it, I order you to leave because you have become a nuisance. You see your noise is drawing the whole village into my house.’

In the meantime, you can spy me from your compound milking your cow and pocketing all proceeds while your wife and children starve. As you scheme to get your cow back, I send village elders to order you to accept that the cow is now mine and you should work hard and buy your own. This is exactly what Jubilee is asking NASA to do. I digressed!

Since IEBC’s November 8th 2017 melodrama, and the subsequent one in the sequel on the 26th, I have been wonderstruck whether we haven’t heard enough amusement and it was time for a sober discourse. The president and his handlers, legislators, IEBC officials, and all other busybodies (including the church) clearly do not think Kenyans have a conscience, or if they did, they have a level of indifference that borders on the barbarous. Government officials have pulled all manner of stunts against Kenyans in connection to the disputed election you would think they are presiding over stones.

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The hanky-panky broadcast of the presidential results in both the eighth and twenty-sixth of December elections, is prove that this Jubilee government does not care one iota of what we think about them. According to every Jubilee pundit, the elections are over and therefore the nation should move on.

Turns out Kenyans have become wary of this “move on” narrative and this time there exists huge pockets of the population who have refused to ‘move on’ and have said so in no uncertain terms. I have watched with awe as eloquent legislators, celebrated legal counsels, former political activists, and politicians froth in the mouth defending indefensible acts of this government. It is clear in our mind that these leaders do not respect us – their electors.

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Our collective conscience and the right to form our own opinion, does not give them the slightest of concern. They constantly form their own opinions based on alternative facts and ram them down our throats. I have never come to understand how an entire region absconds from participating in a very important national exercise and the leadership carry-on as if nothing happened.

That we should move on without a whole community? And even in places where the purported election occurred including the supposed Jubilee strongholds, the turn out was only 28% yielding the president a paltry 3.5 million votes out of the nearly 20 million registered voters. These are the things Jubilee wants the country to move on from. Need I say that the entire electoral plot was full of theatrics and blatant subversion of the law? A few days to the election, IEBC’s chief IT expert Chris Musando’s throat was slit and his torso had grisly stab wounds.

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The SCOK later, after a successful petition, nullified the presidential results setting the stage for another round of drama and bloodshed. After their gallant decision, the SCOK judges were imperiled in broad daylight by none other than the president calling them crooks and promising to clip their powers once he is firmly in office. Roselyne Akombe, then a commissioner of the IEBC took off and resigned in exile due to threats on her life. A car belonging to the vice president of the SCOK is sprayed with bullets killing the driver.

The SCOK is later unable to hear a petition a day to the election due to quote and quote “lack of quorum”. As if this was not enough, the government unleashed rogue police on Kenyans protesting their stolen election. The result, hundreds of innocent young men and women are felled mostly by sniper police bullets.

This plot would not be complete without the names of three children: Baby Pendo, Moraa, and Master Mutinda. All allegedly killed by police. The government commits these heinous crimes in an attempt to crush any form of opposition to the cooked election results and ensure that the looting of public resources that Jubilee initiated in their first term continues unfettered.

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The opposition led by the NASA coalition and its flag bearer Raila Odinga have paid with their blood in an effort to uproot this monster of a government and turn things around for the people. There are loud rumors that the US, the British government, and the EU have formed a secret society with Jubilee to stop Raila’s ascent to power.

And if they wanted to keep it a secret, they haven’t succeeded. In the 2007/8 PEV, the US government withdrew its support for then president Kibaki until the election dispute was settled. This time, even amid open Jubilee banditry, our Western partners led by the US ambassador Robert F. Godec have aired open support for Uhuru. Mr Godec is said to have pitched tent at Capital Hill begging Raila Odinga and the NASA principals to accept and move on.

This time, Kenyans have openly said enough is enough and are now taking matters into their own hands to bestow leadership to the rightful heir. This civil action is fretting the Jubilee leadership into a panic. As a result top leadership is constantly threatening the opposition with treason and death should Raila Odinga be sworn in as the peoples president on the 30th of January.

There is a palpable anger in the country right now fuelled by open ethnic exclusion in Uhuru’s government and mostly by the unclogged and gluttonous plunder of state resources that is unmatched by any other government in the history of this country.

The political temperature in the country reads like a genuine determination by the people to change the way things are run in Nairobi. A huge majority of Kenyans are waiting for January 30th when Raila Odinga is due to be sworn in and then things will never be the same again. This is the lowest Kenya has sunk since independence. If the swearing in goes on as planned – and I pray it does – then Kenya will have two sitting presidents! Thenceforth, things will turn dicey for Uhuru and his vice president Ruto.

They have already returned a failing grade in the subject of unifying the country. And to rub it in, there is roaring desire among Kenyans to split the country into two if the Jubilee regime does not acquiesce to the people’s call for a fresh, free and fair election. Now, this is a gargantuan task for the Jubilee duo and especially after killing their way to statehouse.

Kenyans have demonstrated that they are no longer afraid of police bullets and the cries of war have reached a crescendo. If our powerful friends in the west do not act fast and rein-in their man in the window between now and Tuesday – the day of the swearing in – a lot of blood will be spilt and it may be impossible to bring the country back. They must pull out all stops to drag the two protagonists (NASA and Jubilee) to the negotiating table before we incur massive loss of lives.

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