Uhuru Jubilee Is Getting Desperate and Clutching On Straws, Numbers Don’t Add Up, Propaganda Not Helping

By Antony Oyugi
Jubilee is waking up daily with a new set of lies which are unfortunately not getting the attention of the Kenyan masses

(a) That NASA wants a nusu mkate government. With who and how. NASA won the election and Jubilee tried stealing our victory. The courts nullified the bogus win. How do you share something you don’t have. A thief can’t claim that his victim wants to share with him what he’s stolen from the victim.

By the way I heard Jubilee lawyers seeking for a coalition government during the petition. Whose instructions were they acting on

(b) That NASA isn’t ready for the repeat poll. Let’s get serious here. This narrative is now boring. It was used prior to the nullified poll. You can’t keep using it. NASA was and is ready for polls. It’s the Jubilee thieves who aren’t ready since their dishonesty and fraud has been exposed

(c) That NASA is setting up ground for chaos and anarchy. Another wobbly argument. Please arrest anybody who’s planning chaos and anarchy and prosecute them. Otherwise save us from nonsense

(d) That NASA is planning for economic sabotage. How? We have nothing left of an economy. It collapsed ages ago. You can’t sabotage something that doesn’t exist

(e) That Jubilee has numbers and won based on those numbers. You are jokers my friends. The court termed the election null and void so I don’t get where those numbers are coming from and what they’re based on. When you get a goal as its declared as an offside then it stops being a goal. You can’t keep claiming you’re better because you scored an offside.

(f) That the votes be recounted. It’s easier to open the IEBC server than look for STUFFED boxes and display them in a stadium for a recount. This is an electoral process. Not Marikiti.. The court ventilated the petition and didn’t order for a recount but for the server to be opened. Your lawyers didn’t pray for a recount. Live with it

(g) That a repeat poll past 17th October would interfere with the national exams calendar. So suddenly national exams are more important than our democratic processes.

By the way I thought that elections and exams should be exclusive events. Lame argument here

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