Uhuru Flip Flops at the Supreme Court Verdict.

September 1st, the Supreme Court of Kenya nullifies President Uhuru Kenyatta’s win in what four Supreme Court Judges headed by the Chief Justice, David Maraga said was an invalid win due to irregularities committed by the election board, A fresh Presidential Election is then as directed By Maraga to be held in 60 days. NASA wins the petition and Uhuru goes on record as the first sitting African President to have the Courts rule against his win. The President is devastated by the loss and flips, he threatens the Judiciary.

They, the President and his team never saw it coming despite daring NASA to go to Court. In what seemed as a mind game the Coalition stated they will never go to the           Court. The competitors got comfortable with its 54% computer generated leadership that ran across all seats. Then dropped the shocker. NASA through Lead Counsel, Siaya Senator James Orengo files a petition at the Supreme Court. It is dubbed the “Bombshell.” Uhuru’s Presidency flops. They are then branded “Vifaranga vya komputa,” by NASA Principal Raila Odinga.

Then the President while addressing Journalist at State House goes after the Judiciary. 

“I take this opportunity also to say thank you to God. Because it is God who has brought us thus far. It is God that has made us a people. It is God that has enabled every single Kenyan, to have moved from his or her home and peacefully, peacefully stood in queues for many hours, to make their choice.” Uhuru said while addressing Journalists. This is actually a flip.

Then the flop came “Let me on the third instance say, that it is important for us as Kenyans to be respectors of the rule of Law. I personally disagree with the ruling that has been made today. But I respect it as much as I disagree with it.”   

At this particular point Jubilee bloggers and chronies launched a well choreographed attack at SCOK President Justice David Maraga. He is called names but develops a thick skin towards their insults. Maraga is now a darling to Kenyans. Another desperate attempt as the Jubilee ship sinks comes in from of a petition seeking to oust CJ Maraga out of office. Mouth piece Nyeri Town Member of Parliament Ngunjiri Wambugu takes charge in this malicious move. This as his master, Uhuru was hosting the Gusii Elders at the Nakuru State House. The President later calls for the withdrawal of the petition. Another flop as Human Right Activist Makau Mutua and Maina Kiai yesterday filed objection to withdrawal of MP Ngunjiri Wambugu petition against CJ; want to be enjoined.

Before SCOK gave its final verdict on the 20th day of September, the country witnessed demonstrations across the Country. The Government was demonstrating against the Supreme Court Judges. In the mean time an article in the dailies grubs attention. Annother flopping trial is published trying to implicate Deputy Chief Justice Mwilu and Lenaola to phone call logs said to be attained from a Network provider. Questions asked. How did they attain that without a Court order? No answers given. It is then shoved aside and we forget about it. Come the D-day, final verdict day, another demo that ends up to be costly, its flopped. No one was spared by bees. They knew not demonstrators, police or any other soul. Mission is aborted.  Another flop for Uhuru.

The final verdict is given and it hasn’t dawned on him that truly, there is a faceoff between him and Raila Odinga on an alleged date, 17th of October  but Hon. Raila says there will be no elections then and it is confirmed when Safran Morpho in its report said it would take at least 5weeks to configure the KIEMS kits in readiness for Presidential Elections slated for 26th of October same day the President will be celebrating his 55th Birthday. Happy Birthday in advance Mr. President, 

Will it be a Flip or Flop on your birthday?

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