Uhuru downplays Raila’s decision to skip election conference

The meeting in Kwale that took place over the weekend had planned to include the Cord leader and his co-principals among the key speakers, but they gave it a wide berth and asked the coalition’s lawmakers to also stay away, saying it was a Jubilee affair.

The Leadership Summit which was organised by the Kenya Private Sector Alliance and other conveners also had in attendance the Judiciary, the media, religious leaders, the civil society, foreign missions and development partners.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has downplayed opposition leader Raila Odinga’s decision to skip a conference to discuss peaceful elections.

“President Kenyatta emphasised the necessity, and his and the Jubilee party’s commitment, to peaceful elections in 2017, the result of which will safeguard the stability of our economy. He further urged other politicians and political parties to sign up to this commitment,” said State House Spokesman Manoah Esipisu on Sunday in his weekly media briefing.

President also asked the organisers of the conference to reach out to all other stakeholders, including the opposition, in an inclusive way, “So that the country in its entirety commits to a peaceful and credible electoral process.”

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