Uhuru defends Jubilee primaries, says they are the ‘freest and fairest’ in history

President Uhuru Kenyatta defended the integrity of the Jubilee Party nominations, saying they would go down in history as the “freest, fairest and most transparent”.

His reassurance could have been prompted by a number of factors. From eruption of violence in a number of polling stations, postponement of the entire process for almost a week after a failed start that was blamed on few ballot papers, missing names and claims of rigging.

The President Thursday came face to face with the bitterness of losers when his visit to the party command post in Pangani coincided with protesters led by popular musicisan Charles Kanyi Njagua (Jaguar) who were protesting his controversial loss to Maina Kamanda in Starehe.

Uhuru said his party gave an opportunity to all aspirants to vie in a transparent manner and have Kenyans chose whomever they wanted.

He said where there are contentious issues, they will be adjudicated through the party structures to ensure democracy prevails.

He said the revolution witnessed in the primaries, that saw most of the incumbent leaders floored, is an indication that Kenyans are tired of non performing leaders.


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“It is not a sign of unhappiness against the Jubilee Party but anger towards a particular crop of leaders. It is these leaders who have not done anything for their people and have misused public funds,” the President said.

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