Uhuru Dancing to the Tune of Babu Owino’s Political Elevation

According to Babu Owino’s charge sheet after his arrest on Monday, the vibrant Embakassi MP is being charged with… “without lawful excuse uttered the word to wit (Kama Gaddafi alitolewa na wananchi kama Ggabo alitolewa na wananchi kama Yahya Jammeh alitolewa na wananchi, wewe ni nani? Wewe ni mtoto wa mbwa…) words according to his Charge Sheet were calculated to excite disaffection against the Presidency. 

Let’s take a look at the venomous Moses Kuria. This chap like I said before has no chills whatsoever when it comes hate targeting one Hon. Raila Odinga.

“…kama mtu anataka kuvunja sheria, hata kama ni Raila atakua wa kwanza, piga yeye risasi..” this is just an extract of his entire speech. He has been arrested a number of times and released but because he thinks he is above the law, he carries on. Attention seeking controversial leader.

With such utterances made a couple of days ago calling for the shooting of NASA Presidential Candidate Hon. Raila Amollo Odinga, Kuria ought to be behind bars for questioning. I always say, when a Jubilee Legislature like Moses Kuria and others lest I forget the Jubilee bloggers hint on something, be it at a rally or their social media platforms, know they speak the heart and mind of their gods the Uthamaki and in his quest to  grab attention Kuria and his drum of hate has failed to capture those he desired to recognize him or they just don’t care. 

By arresting Babu Owino on Monday then his re-arrest on Wednesday at the Milimani Law Court Social Media went abuzz with cries from his supporters calling for his release, Uhuru and operatives are dancing the now well recognized first time Member of Parliament music. 

 Before his re-arrest on Wednesday, Babu Owino had spent two nights at the Pangani Police Station and was released on a Ksh500, 000 bail and two sureties amounting to Ksh1million by Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi. Before enjoying his short-lived freedom, his dancers pounced on him again. By now Babu Owino has managed draw attention and is politically elevated. The former SONU President is now a force to reckon with in Kenyan Politics. I call his detention “Right of Initiation,” into the unforgiving Political arena.

Another very perfect example is “Sultan” Joho, Mombasa Governor who was little known in Coastal politics months ago. Thanks to Uhuru Governor Ali Hassan Joho has become a Political Kingpin in the entire Coastal Regions with “wafuasi” in every corner of this Country. In fact if it were not for the President, Joho would still be Joho. But our President chose to dance to the beat by making remarks such as “yeye sio Sultan.” To mean “he is not the King.” This now Gov. 001 is well referred to. “Sultan Joho.” The Sultan has even declared his interest for the top seat come 2022 and is challenging D.P Ruto at it.

Babu Owino had his cards well played before joining National Politics. The Hon Member of Parliament has been compared with Anthony David Weiner, a former American congressman who represented New York’s 9th congressional district from January 1999 until June 2011. Other than their striking physical resemblance, Blogger Moses Wambui  says there are other striking coincidence, both appeared in court this week with Hon Babu Owino charged with fake cooked up charges subversion while Anthony Weiner was found guilty of a single charge of transferring obscene material to a minor on Monday 25th September. 

The two politicians Moses Wambui says, are controversial politicians, joined politics at a very young age, elected to parliament at  the age 27, and have used clever propaganda tactics to get elected. “Both are married to ‘pocket size’ yellow yellows among others.” That I find interesting. 

Anyways, President Kenyatta is on the dance floor moving to the beat of elevating Babu’s political ambitions. This is the game Babu Owino has stage managed with the President. It has taken a nasty twist but if he comes out of the undisclosed location that he was taken to as it was written on his timeline on Facebook, this lad won’t stop at anything. 

Hoping that no “mercury” as alleged was injected in his body to induce his death, demos by comrade’s power spirit led by UoN are set to rock Nairobi streets protesting the former SONU Chairman re-arrest even as Kenyans hope that wherever he is, he is safe. 

It remains a Prayer.

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