Uhuru and Team Dancing to the Tune of Fame by Opposition.

According to Babu Owino’s charge sheet, the vibrant Embakassi East Member of Parliament has been charged with… “without lawful excuse uttered the word to wit (Kama Gaddafi alitolewa na wananchi kama Ggabo alitolewa na wananchi kama Yahya Jammeh alitolewa na wananchi, wewe ni nani? Wewe ni mtoto wa mbwa…) words according to the Charge Sheet “were calculated to excite disaffection against the Presidency.”

Let’s take for example Moses Kuria. The chap who like I said before has no chills whatsoever when it comes to controversy especially targeted hate towards one Hon. Raila Odinga. “…kama mtu anataka kuvunja sheria, hata kama ni Raila atakua wa kwanza, piga yeye risasi..” an extract of the entire speech. With such utterances by Kuria he ought to be under investigations. When Kuria says anything, know he is leaking information. No actions or arrest have been made, it means no one is paying attention to him while on the contrary, Babu Owino gets the attention he has called for.

Babu Owino’s arrest by the State shows President Kenyatta is basically moving to the beat of elevating Babu’s political ambitions. Ahead of the August polls, “nane nane.”  if you can well remeber, President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta took his sweet time and played to “Sultan” Joho’s rhythm. In fact if you remember very well, “Sultan” as Governor 001 is referred to today is a brand built by the President himself when he took to the podium to challenge Joho. Little known Joho has now become a force to reckon with in Kenyan Politics. President made!

In fact come 2022, Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho, the “Sultan,” has declared that he will be on the ballot and he is challenging Deputy President the General Elections. He will be running for the top seat.

He was little known by Kenyans but the moment the President engaged with him in previously witnessed altrecations in Mombasa uttering word insults like “usifikirie mimi ni mama yako.”  and trying to bar him from accessing functions while in Mombasa he made Joho as “Sultan” in Mombasa County. To Joho, Uhuru had paid attention to him and he managed to drift the President’s focus to his rise.

This is the same beat Babu Owino is playing and the dancers are dancing to a well choreographed music by Babu. Kenyans know him very well from the University of Nairobi as my Lecturer could insist. No one paid so much attention to him as a student and politician in University Politics and upto date we see him as a “Joker.” yet has his move well calculated. The President and the different arms of government are now vigorously dancing to his music by making the arrest.

The President, Mr. Kenyatta, the Deputy President and the entire Jubilee Team is facilitating the growth of Babu Owino in the political scene just like they did with Mombasa Governor “Sultan ” Joho aka Governor “001.” 

Do you think the charges levied on Babu Owino will lead to the seven years imprisonment as alleged? Place your bet… I highly don’t think so. 

Another tough politician is in the making and his followers are watching closely as the “Rights” a tough politician is taking place.  

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