Uhuru Acting on Impulse.

epa03891049 Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta attends an inter-faith prayers ceremony held for the victims of the Westgate shopping mall terrorist attack in Nairobi, Kenya, 01 October 2013. Kenyatta vowed that the military will continue its operations in Somalia. EPA/DAI KUROKAWA

I wish his Ex. the President, Uhuru Kenyatta could step on his breaks and for a moment think deep, soul search and listen to the Nation and not his chronies..take a drive by himself and just meditate upon the situation as it is currently. Or, better yet sit and think deep, ask himself what is really happening? is it me or is it him or them…trust me its either you Mr. President Sir or him but not us Mr. President with all due respect. 

You should not on your advisors so much, nor close friends with the same interest as yours but listen to your conscience and get to make that independent thinking Sir before it gets out of hand and who knows now that information is leaking about ICC. Boss, it is still early to save to situation. Dialogue is not your thing but it saved Kenya during the 2007/8 chaos.

The High Court has granted activist Okiya Omtatah temporary orders barring IEBC from declaring you Mr. President, the president-elect. Why have you and your team chosen to listen to what you all think in harmony and not what the entire Nation needs or desires?

Considering that the MPs were to pass electoral law amendment Bill allowing IEBC to declare you as the winner of the Supreme Court nullified elections the ruling was made so fast to stop the damage especially if the only competitor withdraws from poll which by then Hon. Odinga did on Tuesday, then followed Aukot and Omutata petition a day after, few minutes after the High Cort ruling.

You cant be sworn in Mr. President alleged elect for now things have shifted to full compliance of the rule of law. Your attempts have been overtaken by events. 

Coming up, you will be stripped off power if the petition of Omutata to form a Caretaker Government is granted.

Brave yourself for cold days ahead. 

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