Uganda Revenue Authority strikes off KCB Bank Uganda from tax portal

URA partners with several banks to ease the tax payments system.

The Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has struck off KCB Bank Uganda from its portal that allows banks to facilitate the payment of State revenue by the public through tax banking services.

“The general tax paying public is informed that Uganda Revenue Authority has deactivated Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) from the URA portal with effect from the 21st December 2016 pending resolution of key issues,” URA in a notice Thursday posted on its website.

“We therefore urge our valued clients to use the other banks available on the URA portal for payment of taxes. We apologize to all our clients for any inconveniences caused,” it added.

URA did not explain reasons for the drastic move in the notice but was quoted by Nation Media Group’s outlet in Uganda, KFM, as saying the issue is being resolved.

URA commissioner for corporate affairs Mike Otonga cited “unresolved issues” with KCB Bank Uganda by the Uganda tax man.

Talks to resolve the matter

In a quick rejoinder back in Nairobi, KCB Bank Uganda parent bank, KCB group confirmed the development. The lender however added it was engaged with URA in talks to resolve the matter.

“The Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) deactivated KCB Bank Uganda Limited from the URA portal with effect from 21 December, 2016,” KCB Group’s head of corporate and regulatory affairs Judith Sidi Odhiambo told Business Daily in a statement.

“KCB Bank Uganda Limited was identified as a garnishee in a court case involving URA and third parties. The Bank acted as garnishee in compliance with an order issued by the court in Kampala.”

“KCB Bank Uganda Limited is actively engaging with URA to facilitate the reactivation of KCB Bank Uganda Limited on the URA portal. We regret the inconvenience caused to our customers and we are confident that we will reach a resolution at the earliest time possible.”

A garnishee is a party who is in possession of money or property of a debtor and has been notified by a court or other legal body that that money or property must be made available to satisfy a monetary judgment to the party owed by the debtor.

KCB Bank Uganda is part of KCB Group.

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