Uber’s driver recognition check to boost riders safety

Taxi hailing firm Uber is rolling out a security feature that runs real-time security checks every time drivers go online, to protect their accounts from fraudsters and boost safety of riders using its service.

The new security feature requires drivers logging in to share their image, which is then verified against Uber’s records through advanced facial recognition technology.

If a driver fails the test their account will be temporarily blocked until the issue is resolved.

Locally, the e-hailing firm is rolling out the security feature in phases.

“We are constantly developing and testing new solutions to enhance security for both drivers and riders. Real-time ID check is the result of comprehensive research and testing, and the example of proactive technology that solves potential challenges before they occur,” said Loic Amado, General Manager of Uber in East Africa.

“The check protects drivers driving with Uber from fraud, theft and risks to their account being compromised. 

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It also assures riders that when they are picked up, the right person is behind the wheel.”

The controversial e-hailing firm has also rolled out the security feature in South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana markets too.

Uber’s new feature follows the launch of a similar function by Little, another ride hailing firm owned by local tech firm Craft-Silicon.

“The innovation behind Real-Time ID started with experimentation with voice, facial and gesture recognition. However, the simple action of taking a selfie is a language that people all over the world understand.

We can now ensure that only the registered driver can use and benefit from our application,” said Amado.

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