Twelve fired for deserting workstations at KNH

KNH chief executive officer Lily Koros has put 48 others, alongside postgraduate students and interns, on notice, saying they should immediately resume work or face a similar fate.

By failing to report to their duty stations, Ms Koros said, the health workers risk dismissal, eviction from hospital quarters and other “administrative action deemed necessary”.

Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) fired 12 medical officers in January for deserting of their workstations by taking part in the ongoing strike.

The 12 include leaders of the Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists Union.

Disciplinary procedures were currently being instituted against the 48 doctors.

Ms Koros told journalists: “Following their strike notice on November 14, 2016, KNH on December 3, 2016 wrote a memo advising its doctors against taking part in the industrial action by KMPDU because there was no existing dispute between KNH doctors and the management”.

She said the communiqué required that the doctors continue with their normal duties in their designated workstations.

“The KNH doctors were advised against the strike as it was illegal and unprotected under the law. The hospital commenced disciplinary action against those who defied the directive,” the chief executive said.

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